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What is Holographic Kinetics?

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is a combination of over 50 years research by founder Steve Richards covering areas such as; Metaphysics, Religion, Spirituality, Hypnosis, Kinetic energy, Kinesiology, Quantum physics, Russelian physics, Radionics, Gravit-O-Biology, Body Electronics, Iridology, Sclerology, Health and the human mind and many other modalities in understanding the power of the subtle bodies from a holistic approach in the creation and removal of internal created realities, within their own separate dimensions of time. As well as the understanding and removal of other dimensional forces that can enter through drugs, alcohol, trauma and certain medication, which our research has found is the the main reasons for most mental illness

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS assists the client to access the cause of physical, mental & emotional imbalances so as they may bring those imbalances back into balance.

One to One

  • Free 15minute phone discovery

  • 1.5 Hour Private Session  $227

  • Bundle3 = 3 @$177 each

  • Add Reiki to another Treatment:

    • +30mins $50

How can it help me?

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