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What is Tesla Metamorphosis?

What is Reiki?

Tesla Waves are, according to scientists, unique for this form of healing. They are accessed directly from Active Ether, there are no machines involved. Unlike in the spectrum of the Hertzian domain, the density and the frequency of Tesla Waves are inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Tesla called them "non-hertzian waves", and he wrote that they are different, not just in frequency, but also in their structure and form; they are multidimensional, and they are in the domain of a new physics.

There are 3 Unique ways Tesla Waves are used.

  • Tesla Healing Metamorphosis

  • Tesla Soul Communication

  • Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis


One to One

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis (THM)

  • Free 15 minute phone discovery

  • 1 Hour Private Session  $197

  • ​Bundle3 = 3 @$157

    • Option: Add Reiki: Finish with Relaxing +30mins Reiki session $50​

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis  (TLBM)

  • Free 15 minute phone discovery

  • *1 Hour  $333  (*prerequisite: 3 sessions Tesla Healing Metamorphosis prior to do this Advanced Work.


The COMPLETE TESLA Experience (Special)

  • 15 minute phone discovery

  • Complete Bundle Special  

  • Includes:

    • 3 x 1Hr THM Sessions

    • 1 x 1Hour TLBM Session

    • BONUS x 1 free TSC Session 

    • (Total Value $952)

    • ONLY $647




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