"I have had weight issues for most of my life. I had a healing session with Kelly & got to the source of it in just one session.  It was not what I expected to find.  Through gentle questioning she helped me uncover the source Releasing shock, trauma,drama surrounding an event from my childhood which I had re-visted many times, but had no idea this was connected to my weight."

This time I saw what happened in a new light & released what was holding me stuck."

"The result was AMAZING! For the first time in years I am not numb. I can literally FEEL my body (I had been suffering from numbness all over my body for years) I feel like a brand new me!"

"Kelly is an amazing teacher, intuitive & spiritual lady. I am very grateful for this awesome healing for my life".

Diane (Ipswich QLD)




"My recent Theta healing session with Kelly was truly remarkable.  The accuracy of the information received pinpointed how particulare negative childhood experiences have impacted my adult life."

"In addition to this, much clarity was gained about how dramatically past life relationships can effect this one. 


Kelly used Theta healing to change old beliefs that were causing emotional & physical problems & I could feel changes happening immediately.

"I would highly recommend Kelly. She is a natural healer & it is obvious she loves transforming peoples lives.

Alison (Bundaberg QLD)


"I am so delighted Kelly that you could tune into my Soul revealing many aspects that were hidden & brining them into my awareness."

"I felt such a relief on a deep level & I am greatefull for every insight & one particular revealation came from a past life which made so much sense.  The clarity I received regarding my book ideas & how to proceed were astounding & so accurate."

"Thank you Kelly with all my heart, I feel great now to have such clarity on an intimate level."

Martina (Sunshine Coast)