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Meet Your Master Healer & International Instructor

Kelly Caylor




International Theta Healing Instructor

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Neurolinguistics Therapist

Master Theta Healer

OpenHand Way Spiritual Facilitator

Tesla Metamorphosis Practitioner

Holographic Kinetics Practitioner

Access Bars Facilitator

Reiki Master

Kelly's psychic abilities include:

Clairvoyant:   / Clairaudient / Clairempathy / Clairsentience / Clairtangency / Claircognizance / Clairgustance / Clairtangency 

Kelly Caylor is 50 years old and although she is a "very old soul" she is young in spirit and passion for the enlightenment of all beings.  Her natually empathic abilities allow her to easily connect with and feel the needs of her students which range all ages from 18 - 78.


Her courses have a transformational effect on her students.  They feel the wisdom of their ancient souls activate while feeling safe to play and explore newfound energies and abilities as their personal inner-light activates. 

Your group is usually brought together by Creative Source and will feel like Soul Family before the course is complete. Many life long connections will be made.

Kelly is not only a highly dedicated Instructor, she is a passionate FULL TIME Deep Regressional, Pastlife Intuitive Energy Healer who is generally booked out 8+weeks in advance for One2One Sessions.  She walks-her-talk which is a powerful representation of how she is regarded by her students too (See Google Reviews).   Kelly's active Clairabilities are an amazing assistance to you as a student, as she can litterally "Talk to Creator/Source" to ask questions and help you uncover issues that you are unaware of.  Theta Healing is what Kelly believes to be the most powerful (yet gentle) energy healing modality on the planet right now for activating Clair-Abilities, Energetic Healing & personal enlightenment.

Kelly is one of very few International Instructors that offer LIVE-IN-PERSON Theta Healing Courses right here in Australia at one of the most amazing holiday destinations...... the NOOSA HINTERLAND, Sunshine Coast Queensland.  Location is set on high vibrational acreage just 10mins from the spectacular Noosa Beaches & Restaurants and only 10mins away from the World Famous Eumundi Markets.  Currently she only allows a maximum of 8 Students per course, so courses fill quickly.

Plan your getaway, to include an incredible life changing Theta Healing Course, which will instantly lift you and help you heal the challenges your are facing in life, taking many tools home with you.... some of which keep you clean & clear of entities and other peoples negative energy. 


These 1, 2 or 3 day seminars will change your life forever!  Learn this amazing healing technique that aligns the brainwave to a 'Theta wave' where instantaneous healing and changes in the Sub-Conscious, Physical Body, DNA Genetics & Past Life programs can be made.



Theta Healing Training with Kelly

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